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I’m a 30 year old pregnant mom. I have a passion for sharing relatable motherhood & pregnancy content as well as lifestyle content. I'm authentic and share real perspective. One thing I enjoy most about social media is the creative outlet & to connect with other moms.

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Tiktok: simplycarlyk_

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about me

As a new mom I was trying to find something for myself and social media initially became a creative outlet for me, however, as I got more into social media I found a true passion and love for creating content and working with brands. I'm also a working mom in the corporate world so social media gives me a place to creative and I love connecting with other moms.

My experience with content creation is a mix of fun relatable mom, pregnancy and parenting connect as well as sharing about brands that I love. I make TikToks, Instagram Reels and Amazon Shoppable videos.

You should hire me because I'm authentic and my followers are loyal moms & parents. My niches are all things motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, lifestyle with a little bit of travel and military spouse content mixed in too.

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